Aquila 36 Yacht: Port Dickson

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Port Dickson is a beach resort destination at Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, about 90km south from Kuala Lumpur and 30km away from Seremban. Also called ‘PD’ by locals, this popular holiday retreat is located within easy reach from KL and Singapore by major highways and roads. From PD’s town center, a coastline of warm beaches and calm seas stretches along a 10-mile strip towards Malacca.

COUNTRY Malaysia
CITY Port Dickson
DEPARTURE Flexible Departure
Experience luxury private yacht
Explore the Teluk Kemang
Visit Tanjung Tuan
Enjoy the Blue Lagoon view
Discover Cape Rachado Lighthouse
Sightseeing and transportation
Captain & crew on board
Facilities, equipment & fuel
Private charter (4/8 hours)
International/ Domestic Flight
Food & Beverages
Diving equipment
Travel Insurance

Day 1: Arrive Port Dickson

  • Embark at Admiral Marina & Leisure Club, Port Dickson, Malaysia and the journey on the Straits of
    Melaka begins…..
  • The journey takes you along the Straits of Melaka sailing south towards Teluk Kemang where Water Sports activities are done. Sailing further brings you to a secluded beach called Monkey Beach at Blue Lagoon. This location is the best spot for swimming as the water is calm with crystal clear blue waters. Right after that is Tanjung Tuan where the infamous Cape Rachado light house is. Built by the Portuguese during the 16th century and is believed to be the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia.
  • Sailing pass Cape Rachado Lighthouse lies Lexis Hibiscus Resort, a five star resort listed in The Guinness Book of World Records for having the most swimming pools in a resort.
  • Our sail back to the marina will be the highlight of the cruise. As the sun sets along the Straits of Melaka, you will experience the most beautiful sunset in your entire life. If time permits, we will sail around PD Waterfront and then back to Admiral Marina.


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